Taking account of dye lots

My knitting time is usually in the evenings, mostly in the hour or so before I go to bed. It’s a winding down thing to do. Of course, it’s been dark and, unfortunately, I didn’t notice that my new ball of hand dyed yarn didn’t match the first one. I’d been knitting under artificial light and it wasn’t noticeable; it was only in natural light that the difference was quite obvious.

I had nearly knitted the whole ball before I realised that the shades are very different. The first is more of a petrol blue with yellow tints whereas the second ball was much whiter. In the picture, you can see what I mean.


I was gutted!!

I figured that there wasn’t much I could do – aside from the fact that I had almost finished the shawl and could not contemplate re-knitting a whole ball – it would be impossible to get a matching ball anyway as the problem was that the original skeins were not from the same dye lot.

Originally, I had bought 1 skein to make socks but then it was chilly and I fancied knitting a shawl to snuggle up with in the house. I bought an additional skein a few week’s later and assumed they were the same. I didn’t think about checking the dye lot – but I will in future. Another lesson learned.

Despite all this, the shawl is warm and pretty.




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