Shrink To Fit


Neglectfully, my too large new socks found their way into the washing basket instead of being put aside in the hand wash pile. Their bagginess disappointed and irritated me so I couldn’t be bothered to care for them. Then I forgot about them.

A few days later, I found them in a pile of washing on my bed (The Laundry Manager a.k.a. my husband has put them there) and when I put them on I noticed that they were a bit smaller and better fitting – this was good! I allowed more neglect and the next time they were washed, they would only just fit. There will be no more neglect.


They do look at bit “fuzzy” and their texture is thicker and less stretchy. Looking at them alongside each other now, I don’t feel quite as gleeful as they are damaged. But on the other hand, I wear them comfortably now without the feeling that they are sliding off my feet. Has anyone else deliberately shrunk a garment?

This week, I’ve become focused on my shawl.


The yarn is called Stormy Seas from Ripplescrafts – the colour is so rich and it has a lovely sheen. As the rows get longer, it’s starting to feel like slow progress even though I’ve got the hang of the repeats so I no longer have to check the pattern.  The difficult thing about lacy patterns is that it’s so easy to make a mistake – to miss a yarn over or to misplace a stitch in the pattern. I’m not sure why I find it harder with lace rather than anything else?  It’s also harder to correct the mistakes – I’m reluctant to frog back a few rows as it’s so hard to pick the stitches back up again. I correct what I can but I’ve left one or two errors – such as this one where I put the CCD in the wrong place

In the middle you can just about see the twist in the CCD

Fortunately, I think this pattern will be forgiving. When I’m wearing it, I don’t think anyone will notice my little mistakes.



9 thoughts on “Shrink To Fit

  1. Stormy Seas yarn is absolutely gorgeous. Will have to look at yarn from Rippescrafts 🙂 Your knitting is stunning!

    When I do lace I try to remember to put in lifelines. I didn’t on a shawl I started last year and when the stitch count didn’t add up I really wish I had. Its currently on an extended time out until I find a quiet time to sort it out (so far not found the right headspace for several months!).

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    1. Thanks Sarah. I didn’t bother with a lifeline either. I’ve never used one and it sounds fiddly. Great for a project where it could go catastrophically wrong though.


  2. The socks look good, the fuzziness makes them more charming 😉 I couldn’t deal with socks that slipped off so I’d happily willfully neglect a pair of too-big handmade socks! I haven’t, but I’ll keep it in mind for when I eventually get around to socks (they scare me slightly! Sizing and everything…)

    The shawl is gorgeous and I think you’re right in that the pattern will be forgiving of the minor errors 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the lovely feedback. To be honest, I can’t wait to finish the shawl now as I want to wear it. But these long rows are slow so it takes a lot of knitting to make it grow. Socks are fun to knit. I find a lot happens quickly so they keep my interest.

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