What to knit next!

I’ve been flitting between projects since the New Year. After resolving to reknit my husband’s jumper, I’ve made a start – the fit seems much better. There is a lot more tension within the panels and it’s smaller so far. A good sign.


Nonetheless, it’s hard to feel inspired to reknit a jumper. I know the pattern quite well and  I miss the novelty of figuring out something new. On the other hand, it’s become easy TV knitting. And of course, it’s nice to knit something for someone who wants what you will make.

But I have been distracted. It’s been chilly in our house -at last it’s been wintery and actually snowed!



I’ve got some lovely hand-painted yarn that I’ve been looking forward to knitting. I don’t normally wear shawls but I really fancy the idea of one to snuggle up in. I’ve chosen to make Fantoosh -I like the way the pattern runs throughout so it will maintain my interest. Also, its not too ‘lacy’ so I’m more likely to wear it.

IMG_3112 (1)


Socks have not been forgotten, I’ve been fiddling around with swatches and found that my tension is too lose so I need to drop a needle size or two. I ordered the needles but when the size2.00 came, one was snapped. I’m still waiting for a replacement so sock knitting has stalled.

Up until now, I’ve been very focused on one project at a time. Once I’ve started something, it’s been about getting it finished so I can wear it and move on. At the moment, I quite like the idea of following my mood and having a few projects to match.


2 thoughts on “What to knit next!

  1. I have to admit when it comes to sock knitting I always go with metal needles, less likely to snap (although not impossible). Sounds like you’ve got lots of knitting on and some really beautiful stuff. Looking forward to seeing the finished items 🙂


    1. I did ask for metal needles as a replacement – I’ve never had such thin needles so I didn’t know how fragile they would be. I will wait to see what arrives.

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