The Joy of Sox

Excuse the title – bit corny. Blame my husband, he suggested it and I couldn’t think of anything better.

The slow pace of jumper knitting made me long for something a bit quicker – like socks…

Not that I wasn’t distracted by a bit of Christmas jumper knitting for my son’s much loved teddies.


These are so cute, I couldn’t resist posting them.

I saw the Fearlas Mor pattern last Spring but wasn’t skilled enough at the time to knit it but now I am ready to have a go.

IMG_2641 - Version 2


The toes are worked in short rows with a helpful tutorial on the website and were easy but interesting to knit. I did find that the pattern was sized a bit generously so I had to restart as the pattern was knitting up too widely for my foot. I also had to rip it back when I’d finished the heel because I’d made the sock too long. Before you ask, I didn’t check the tension gauge – I figured that by the time I’d knitted the swatch I would be a good way on with the sock so it wouldn’t save me time. Also, with magic loop knitting, it’s pretty easy to try your socks on as your go so you can keep a close eye on the fit.

Sock 1 is done; I do like  socks to fit snugly otherwise they bunch up in your shoes which is not comfortable.

Then, for Christmas I was given a sock-knitting book by my daughter (aged 11), this was sweet; she’d gone off in the shops on her own to pick something special out. It was a struggle to keep the secret as she was so excited by this present but she managed, despite dropping a few unsubtle hints.


Not sure which ones to knit yet!

I’ve also bought some lovely hand dyed yarns to knit them with.


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