School is finished and so is my Epistrophy cardigan. It feels like the end of a work/ knitting marathon. I’m feeling happy!!!

I must confess that all that stocking stitch got a bit tedious; I found myself racing along to get to the colour work section.


The steeking stakes were high. After 5 weeks of knitting, the moment came to cut the opening. As I crocheted the re-enforcement I became aware that it did matter whether or not it worked… all those weeks of knitting could not unravel. Full stop.

It started promisingly. After the cut, all the yarn edges seemed to neatly disappear into the crocheted edge.


So far, so good.

But not for long…   I started to pick up the stitches for the button band and realised I wasn’t picking up enough; I needed to start again. As I pulled the stitches out and started to pick up the new ones, disaster! The steek  was starting to unravel and the re-enforcing stitches hung loosely.


5 weeks of knitting were unravelling before my eyes!

I managed to rescue the situation – carefully I tied any loose ends I could find together and eventually it seemed reasonably stable. If the jumper failed, I was never going to do a steek again.  Then the second side – fortunately this was OK – so steeks are still on the agenda. I think I’ve learnt that you’ve got to pick up the stitches correctly first time – meddling with a steek edge is a bad idea.

Now I’ve tidied it up and  finished it with  ribbon, it looks like this:


The ribbon seems to add even more stability and the cardigan has been saved.I’ve worn it a few times and it isn’t about to fall apart or develop a gaping hole.

It’s cosy and I like the finished effect. The only bit I’m not happy with is the neck – it stands up and looks like a 1980s ruff. I’m guessing that’s a tension issue.

So that’s two cardigans in a row and I’m ready for a break from long projects. I’m going to knit socks!


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