Hygge – my style!

The clocks have gone back. I’m not a fan of winter as I don’t like the long dark evenings. I don’t like going and coming home from work in the dark.

Last week, I finished reading “My year of Living Danishly” – I found it on Amazon as one of those daily download deals. I’m not sure what made me want to read it but now I’m quite converted to many of the ideas about living Danishly – hygge is the way to go for winter.

So what does hygge mean to me?

Knitting – Plenty of cosy, relaxing time. The thing I like about knitting is that mostly, unless I’m doing something tricky, is that I can chat whilst I do it. Reading has to be done on your own…

This week, I’ve finished my acer cardigan and I can’t wait to wear it. It’s blocking now and I’m waiting for it to dry. That would be frustrating except it’s warm here, too hot for winter woolies. I’m pleased with the fit – I made the arms and body a bit longer partly because of my shape and partly because I don’t like jumpers that ride up over the belt of my jeans. I also like that its fitted and not sloppy – that’s a result because I got my tension just right.


I wanted some quirky buttons to individualise it and just to look a bit different. These wooden ones were a good find. I made a button band for the first time and refined my “pick up and knit” technique – I looked up how to do it properly and got a much more even result. So all good!


I also treated myself to Yokes by Kate Davies. For my next project, I wanted to get back to stranded colour work and I wanted another winter woolly. I’ve admired her patterns for a while -but not really had the skill to tackle them. Now my knitting is better, I’m definitely ready for the colour work, however the steeking is going to be more of a challenge – watch this space to see my progress.

I’m going to make her  Epistrophy cardigan. The recommended wool and colours look beautiful but expensive. I calculated about £80 which I didn’t want to spend. So I found this Wesleydale Longwool at Brityarn which is going to be great.


It smells of sheep – Which is good as I like that smell. It’s also very soft.

Family time at home -It’s been half-term this week so we’ve had a week off. We thought going to the Lake District in the caravan would be fun but in reality, it was wet and life in a small white box was not conducive to Hygge – it was cooped up rather than cosy. So we came home and have had fun here.

Christmas cake making is an important family ritual for us:


The children got Halloweentastic..


and we had some bike rides. Not being Danish, I’m not 100% certain about whether or not it would qualify for Hygge as it’s outdoors. Definitely not warm and cosy. However, when the sun has shone, the leaves have been so pretty- all the reds, yellows and oranges seem to be hygge colours to me.


We also went to the Lego show – not sure that it’s very hygge but it’s definitely Danish!


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