Racing along.

This week, my cardigan has grown quickly which is good because I can’t wait to wear it. The pattern looks fantastic and the wool is warm and soft so this project is going to be a winner!

I don’t get a huge amount of time to knit during the week – this is a bit of a record-breaker.


The lace/ cable pattern is interesting but not too tricky so I can work through it quickly and the yarn weight is thick enough to help the project go quickly.


Having read a blog post from My Life in Knitwear, about the price of low price of British wool made me decide to buy British wool only from now on – now I’ve put it on my blog, I’ve committed to it. I’ve been following in KnitBritish for a while, listening the podcast and so on – but my interest has been because I like finding out about the small brands and hearing about the different breeds and types of yarn. However, to sustain the British wool industry, we need to be more consciously buying British. After reading the blog, I noticed that the Rowan yarn I’m using was made in Romania – even though they are based in Holmfirth; I’m left wondering, why don’t they use local wools? Coming from the area, I know there’s a strong textile industry heritage up there. Oh, and plenty of sheep.


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