I decided to carry on…

I decided not to rip my knitting out. After a lot of umming and arrhing, I thought I would carry on making sure my strands were extra long to see if this would make a difference to the puckering. It didn’t seem to – my knitting looked the same. Also, when I stretch it slightly it does go flat so I’m going to assume that it will block flat (failing that I’ll have a go with the iron!)

So 2 weeks later, my knitting looks like this..

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

Progress is slow – at the moment work is very busy so I’m working a lot in the evenings. By the time I finish work, I’ve only time for a few rows before my concentration goes and I start to make as many mistakes as I do stitches. I’ve done 5 repeats out of 14 so quite a way to go.

Of course, I’ve been distracted by new project ideas and so my summer knitting has been mapped out. My 8 year old son is completely DADTASTIC and wants a jumper like this one – exactly the same style and colour so that he can be a mini me.


I’m also going to knit this hat for a friend – I think the cable pattern will present a few challenges.


My knitting highlight was a knitting party! Actually there were only 3 of us. I’ve discovered that two of my longstanding teacher English colleagues knit – one of them is a lapsed knitter but we convinced her to cast-on and join us. Last weekend, it was warm and sunny so we spent the evening in Sandie’s garden, knitting and chatting. Sandie’s garden is the loveliest I know. She’s got a lean-to at the bottom of the garden with cosy chairs and tables; it’s  pretty, sheltered and relaxing. Work is always so busy and my role in the school means I don’t see as much of them as I would like to. Now that we’ve discovered we all knit, we have another excuse for a catch-up which is good.


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