Slowly but surely.

This title sums up both my knitting and my garden!

Slowly, the strawberries are starting to ripen…


…and flowers are appearing on the tomatoes.


So we will get a crop eventually. Summer is definitely cool this year and I think its slowing my garden down.

Knittingwise, my socks are coming along rather slowly as well. I’ve just finished turning the heel.


I got distracted by the arrival of the yarn for Funchal Moebius. It was expensive but is beautiful. I went for a mossy green rather than the blue of the pattern- partly because I like green and also because I wanted to be different (just the sake of it!).


This is is moving along at a rather tortoiselike pace. It took me a while to learn how to do a provisional cast on – thanks YouTube. Also the pattern requires a lot of counting and awareness of detail – neither or which are my strong point. I quickly lose concentration, thinking that I know what I’m doing when I quite clearly don’t. So there has been quite a lot of knitting backwards to make corrections.


I wouldn’t say this is a hard pattern – it just requires your full attention. I like this about it.


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