My husband’s absence has meant I’ve had a bit of time to be anti-social this week and do some digital browsing.

A few knitterly discoveries have inspired me…..

1. Podcasts.

Reading a post about podcasts on My Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventure made me curious. I listen to the radio a lot but not podcasts. Some of the ones I’d heard in the past (not about knitting) had been rambling and just plain boring and I’d got put off. The blog post made me think again so I listened to the ones recommended in the blog and its comments. The one that inspired me was called Woolful. It’s all about the lives of people involved in knitting and explored the background of wools, designers and so on. What interested me was the ideals and values of these knitters and how they’d got started.

Likewise, I discovered KnitBritish which is my favourite podcast so far. The speaker has a fabulous voice and accent which I just enjoy hearing. It’s also about British wool and as  a British knitter, this has so much relevance. A lot of the indie knitting movers and shakers seem (and I use this word deliberately because this is just my perception) to be based in Scotland and the Shetlands – I’ve only ever visited Scotland briefly but these podcasts and the images linked to Woolly Scotland do inspire me to go.

These podcasts are so personal- there’s a strange intimacy about listening to someone at such length about their reflections and ideas. You feel that you know the speaker – even if they haven’t got a clue about you.

2. Funchal Moebius.


In that time before turning off the light at night, I’ve been doing a bit of Ravelry browsing – not for anything in particular. I had no idea about what my next project would be until I found Funchal Moebius. This stranded colour work is such a beautiful piece of knitting – a piece of art! And (even better still) I think I’m up to making this. I didn’t dither – first thing the next day, I downloaded the pattern and ordered the yarn. It was my birthday so I deserved a treat, I thought. I’ve got the hang of two-handed knitting whilst making the cushion of my last post, however, I know that my tension is much tighter for colour work than standard knitting. Making a jumper with a colour work yoke would not be successful (maybe I could do it if I changed needles?). Funchal Moebius is colour work throughout so it skirts the tension issue rather nicely and gives me chance to practice and hopefully, make something that looks fantastic.

3. Green Gables socks.

Not a discovery but this WIP is looking good. The first sock is finished and the second one started. I’d ordered the yarn, not really noticing it had “sparkle.” When this arrived in the post, I wasn’t sure I liked it – I’m not a sparkly, glittery person. However, I’ve changed my mind. There is just the right amount of sparkle in this yarn – it just lifts the pattern. I’m so happy with my one sock – now it’s just having the patience to make the next one without getting distracted by Funchal Moebius (when the yarn arrives!)



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