Home Alone

My husband has gone away for a month! This is not an unusual occurrence, it happens 2-3 times a year. This time, he’s gone to North America. When he’s away, a different regime kicks in. I don’t plan too much. It’s hard work for both the kids and I. They have long days with childcare before and after school and I have more to fit into my routine. My admiration for single parents is immense.

So this weekend, is mainly around the house, catching up and trying to go with the flow.

I finished my cushion. I was no longer tied up in knots trying to manage the yarns. I’ve got the hang of holding the dominant yarn in the left and the other in my right hand. A bit more work is needed to understand colour dominance.  Also, the tension is much tighter on my colour work – I think if I was going to knit a garment where this mattered, I would have to go up a needle size. However, I’m pleased that I’ve got to a point with my knitting where I’m enjoying more tricky knits – the stocking stitch of the back of the cushion dragged. I did it in front of the TV etc so the cushion took a bit longer to finish than it needed to.

I love the result:



The garden is growing:


There are flowers on the broad beans and baby strawberries:


The rhubarb was getting out of hand so we decided to make jam:


The jam took ages to set. It was supposed to take 15 mins but it actually took a good 40 mins.


It looks nice but seems very sweet. I will have to eat some on my toast to know if it’s been successful.


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