Early morning knitting

The light wakes me up early at the moment and I find it hard to sleep much after 5.00a.m.

This morning the sun was streaming in and it made a gentle start to get up while the house was quiet.

I started Green Gable socks last night – I couldn’t resist. The yarn from Old Maiden Aunt contains a glittery sparkle which is a bit different for me – but it has a sense of fun about it.


The pattern is just starting to emerge and I like that moment where you see it come together and look good.


It’s coming to the end of half-term holidays. I’ve had a complete break from work which was much needed and had lots of outdoor time. We’ve done local tandem rides and had 2 nights camping in the cotswolds – and a proper mountain bike ride with the children. We brought a Garmin Montana a few weeks ago and were trying it out to find new rides – no more getting lost or spending ages trying to work out where we are on the maps! We found some stunning byways and tracks. There were some steep hills but the kids put in huge efforts to climb them without stopping.


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