Teddy’s New Clothes.

This time of year is my favourite. Lots of daylight and new leaves on trees. This week, it’s half-term and we’ve had a few days at home which has given me time to do the things that I’ve been short of time to do – hence 2 blog posts in a week!

Next month, my son is going on his first overnight trip away, with school. The teacher has told them that there will be a “best dressed teddy” competition. The great idea gives licence for all the children to bring their “secret teddies” that they would be a bit embarrassed to show to each other. William came home from school full of excitement about this and I was commissioned to make something for Paddington (named after the film) who I made at Christmas. Paddington (our bear) has been a big hit and has joined the ranks of favourite teddies rather than the ones that just sit on the bed!

My first attempt at “pattern design” – can I call it this? – resulted in this:

IMG_2111 IMG_2110

I’ve been practising with stranded knitting so I wanted to personalise the T shirt to make it a bit fancier. The orange button on the jacket is a finishing touch that I’m pleased with too.

William loved the outfit  and I’m feeling like a Tiger Mum, determined that Teddy will be the best dressed!


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