Cabling and Colourwork

Three projects in one week!

Only two of them are mine – the other is my daughter’s.  She’s shown no interest in knitting until her friend took it up. All of a sudden, it was the latest craze! My stash was being pulled apart for suitable yarn. So she learnt to knit. I’ve also shown her how to purl but now the holidays have come, she’s not seeing her friend everyday and the enthusiasm is waning. In fact, the last time she picked up her needles was Friday.

Of course, the more I ‘encourage’, the less she will want to do it. This project might become a DNF (Did Not Finish).

A few early rows
A few early rows

I also began a jumper for my husband. He wasn’t too impressed with the socks I knitted him, they have never been worn. He did say that he wanted an aran jumper though. This jumper has been a long-term goal. Firstly, I needed the knitting stamina to be bothered to complete such a large piece of work and secondly, I needed to be confident enough to have a go at the cabling. Feeling good after my shawl project, i decided it was time.

When we visited my mother-in-law a few months ago, she dug out her old knitting patterns, including one for an aran jumper for my husband that had never been made. Despite the fact that the model looks like Prince William, I thought the pattern had potential.


The yarn I bought has sentimental origins – it’s from WYS in Keighley. This was where my dad worked and not far from Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire where I grew up.


Cabling was easier than I expected, The first row of the cable pattern took three attempts – my counting skills aren’t great. But gradually, as the pattern established, I started to pick up speed and didn’t have to concentrate so hard.

The first pattern repeat
The first pattern repeat
In close-up
In close-up

I’m enjoying knitting this. But…..

I wanted some knitting to do in front of the TV and this does need concentration.  My mind went back to the other colour work cushion I wanted to do. The back is stripes – ideal TV knitting.  So the idea of another work in project started to take hold… the yarn was ordered.

Then my husband admitted that he wasn’t sure that he would wear the jumper.  I was OK with that – I knew I would wear it but I would have to start again in a smaller size. The wool is soft and cosy. The pattern looked good. But I didn’t want to knit anymore of his jumper  if I was going to rip it back. So I took a pause to give him chance to decide.

Thus, I began my next WIP. A Fair Isle cushion from Easy Fair Isle knits by Martin Storey.

My technique has improved so much – I’ve managed to hold the yarns in two hands and it’s a much smoother knitting process than the paper dolls cushion I made in December.



3 thoughts on “Cabling and Colourwork

    1. Thank you… I’m really enjoying it. It’s fun to learn new things. Also, I’m finding I prefer the challenge of learning new skills rather than sticking to what I can do.


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