Out of wool – arghhh!

My daughter and the shawl
My daughter and the shawl
Full view of the shawl in the Spring sunshine

As you can see, I got there in the end but not without a panic..

I knew I was short of yarn so I decided to miss out the final rows of the pattern – the wool is handpainted so I wouldn’t be able to buy a matching skein. Disaster struck about 30 stitches from the final stitch.

At the start of the binding off row, I had a small ball left – there would be plenty, I thought. But as I went along, it quickly unravelled to the point where I could see the point where I wrapped the first few strands wrapped around my finger. I carried on, thinking that if worst came to worst, I would use the loose ends. it was no good though, I had to admit defeat and so I ripped back another 2 rows. So this is a slightly smaller Tornved shawl.


I’m proud of this – I think the detailing in the lace pattern is so pretty.


I finished and blocked it yesterday..



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