Hut 8 cardigan is finished!

My Hut 8 cardigan is finished, blocked and ready to wear – it’s made in 4ply Milburn rust.  Just in time for Spring!


I’m generally pleased with it. It’s just my colour and really suits me so I will probably wear it a lot. It fits too – crucial of course. I’ve found that my knitting seems to come out correctly widthwise but can be a bit long lengthwise. No, I haven’t knitted a tension swatch- I see the need but haven’t got there yet. I probably have to learn the hard way for this one. On this cardigan, its worked for me, I’m quite long-bodied and my arms were definitely longer than the pattern expected – fortunately, this is an error in my favour.

My family like my Hut 8 cardigan too – this means it must look nice. I have the kind of family who give honest (if sometimes painful) feedback. I like this – it stops me convincing myself that something looks good when it doesn’t. I’m very conscious that, even after blocking, you can still see the unevenness in tension in places and this will always irritate me. However, my family feedback has given the confidence to wear the cardigan. Although I’m aware of its faults, others don’t notice.

I’ve learnt a few things along the way:

1. Blocking – my first go with a bigger garment. It has made a huge difference. It was also easy to do.

Before blocking
Before blocking
During blocking - poor photo but you can see the knitting is smoother
During blocking – poor photo but you can see the knitting is smoother

2. Continental knitting – I’m confident with this now. It has become instinctive and I prefer it to English knitting. My next project is a scarf and I have not even thought of going back to English knitting. The movements are smoother and more efficient for me now, even on purl stitches.

3. Circular needles – More comfortable to hold for continental knitting. I used to tuck my straight needles under my arm and that got a bit scratchy.

4. I can see my knitting improving – the tension is definitely more consistent on the scarf I have just started.

My next project - much more even tension
My next project – much more even tension

2 thoughts on “Hut 8 cardigan is finished!

  1. Your sweater looks lovely! Re tension concerns, your tension will even out with the more knitting experience you get. Also keep in mind that when knitting straightstitch in the flat, most people’s knit tension differs from their purl tension. Most of that evens out with a good blocking. 🙂

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