Half-term visit ‘Up North’


For half-term, I’ve taken the children to stay with my in-laws in Newcastle. My husband is away for 4 weeks photographing a car rally  so it’s great to have some family company and be looked after. We’ve been to Seaham Harbour where my father-in-law grew up; it was a sunny day- a reminder that Sping is on its way…

The Marina
The Marina
Tommy - WW1 memorial
Tommy – WW1 memorial
The lighthouse in the distance
The lighthouse in the distance

My thoughts are already turning to my next project – my hut 8 cardy is coming along well now that I’ve finished the yoke and am down to the waist shaping.

Next, I’ve decided to have a go at some lace-knitting. As a distraction during a sleepless night a week ago, I found myself on Ravelry, browsing. I’m not sure how but I ended up looking at shawls. Normally, I don’t wear shawls however I had my hair cut short at Christmas so my neck feels the cold and I’ve been wearing more scarves. As Sping comes, maybe I will wear some shawls. I enjoy knitting patterns and like the idea of learning to do some “fancy” knitting with some interesting stitches. The pattern is Tornved by Karie Westermann



My mother-in-law is a master knitter (or should I say Mistress Knitter?) and she was telling me about a wool shop nearby in Whitley Bay so we decided to take a trip. I wanted to find some yarn to make the shawl with.


This is a fabulous shop. It’s a small business that oozes its owner’s knitting passion. The shop is devoted to knitting and the range of yarns is huge. All around the shop are displays of knitting projects. The usual baby jackets (so cute though!), to intricate scarves, soft cowls, textured jumpers and colourful blankets. All beautifully knitted and inspiring! The owner, Barbara, was winding her hand painted yarn at the counter- the colours were just what I was wanted  for my shawl! Lots of blues blended with other colours which will make the yarn as much a feature as well as the pattern of the shawl. It wasn’t due to go on sale until Saturday but Barbara let me buy it early. A unique souvenir of my visit.


I can’t wait to start knitting this but I will make myself wait. I try to finish one project before I start the next. I could easily be an “unfinisher” and I’ve resolved not to be a “finisher”!


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