My hand hurts…

At school, after a test or a lesson with a lots of writing, my students complain that their hands hurt. Usually, I reply enthusiastically, “That’s a good thing, you’ve worked hard,” or “You are developing writing stamina.” I’m not sure they feel as pleased about this as I do.

Last night, my hands were hurting when I went to bed  (hopefully I am developing some knitting stamina). I was trying to play catch up as the night before, I pulled out my needles and unravelled my project, back to the beginning. That hurt. A week’s worth of knitting unravelled in about five minutes. Even in cycling, the downhills last longer than that.

Earlier in the week, I’d shown my knitting to my daughter, trying to convince her and myself that it was good enough. A few small holes or odd stitches wouldn’t be noticeable when I was wearing it? Would they? But the last straw came when I realised I’d missed two rows from the pattern and it wouldn’t be even. Even then, I urmed and arhhed. People wouldn’t notice would they? I carried on another row…. But no! What was the point in getting to the end and deciding that I wouldn’t wear it after all? The yarn was too lovely and expensive for this. Why would I want a rushed garment that doesn’t look so good? In knitting, which is so slow anyway, what difference does a week make? Particularly if I love and wear the cardigan for years?

So that was that. The cardigan unravelled, I started again. I don’t want to be a week behind (behind what, I don’t know, I have no schedule!) I haven’t regretted the decision. Version 2 is definitely better than version 1 as I get better control of the tension and stitches of continental knitting. The edges are much neater and the stitches are more even. Not perfect  but I don’t think I can do better yet. The knitting has also been faster this time round.

Catching up. The only holes are buttonholes :-)
Catching up. The only holes are buttonholes 🙂

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