Spoilt for Choice

My beanbag has gone from:

The measuring up stage
The measuring up stage

To the cutting out stage:


To the finished stage:


There was a lot of excitement in the house when this was done. It’s for my daughter’s birthday next weekend and she loves it! So much so that I let her have it early. I thought the excitement would wear off by next week if it sat in the spare bedroom, hidden, but not really hidden as my wrapping paper would never cover it. My son wants one and my daughter wants more cushions – I’m flattered, it’s good that they are valued.

The socks are coming on apace. One is finished and the other is growing rapidly – it will be done in a day or so. I’ve enjoyed sock making. The socks have grown quickly and managing the needles have kept me entertained. You Tube tutorials got me through the Kitchener graft quite easily and the socks seemed to come together magically. There is no sewing up with a sock so I like the way that when a sock drops off the needle, it really is finished.


Twitter knitters have opened up a huge range of independent knitters and this has led me to my blog title. There are so many and I’m spoilt for choice with beautiful yarns and interesting patterns. I want to support these small businesses – it seems like knitting is one of the few areas where choice is opening up and not being cut down by big retailers who can underprice their goods.

I wanted to have another go with circular needles. My first experience was that the wool got caught from the cable to the needle but I’m now realising that all needles are not the same. My problem was probably cheap needles so I splashed out and got some Knit Pro Symphonie ones. Also I will create garments without seams which seem clever. I also want to have a go at making an interesting stitchwork pattern, not too tricky but with a bit of challenge.

I looked at making a number of cowls:

Liked the stitch pattern
Liked the stitch pattern
From Blacker Yarns - the yarn sounds lovely - has mohair in it. The stitch pattern is quite straightforward too
From Blacker Yarns – the yarn sounds lovely -it  has mohair in it. The stitch pattern is quite straightforward too.
Lovely colour work. Expensive to make compared to the others as I'd need to buy them all
Lovely colour work. Expensive to make compared to the others as I’d need to buy all the colours. But would be worth it!

But then I saw this cardigan on Twitter from Eden Cottage Yarns – I liked the circular striped pattern and the way it was made entirely on circular needles. The stitch pattern is easy but I think there will be challenges around the needles.


The cowls were lovely but hopefully, Spring is coming and I wouldn’t be wearing them for too long. A cardigan will be good for Spring. I went for a rust colour – I’m brown haired and brown eyed so the colour should suit me. The grey looks effective but I want a bit more colour.



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