A cosy evening in…

Yesterday, I had a warm rosy glow went I went to bed. We had spent a cheerful, relaxed evening in the living room with the children and some friends.

My husband made a flippant comment, laughing at the hours I spent knitting and my friend said she wanted to learn. I had an ally. We spent a few hours, I was teaching her the basics and it was fun for me to go from being beginner to expert. She picked it up really quickly and will learn fast.

The others were talking cars. My son is mad about cars- an 8year old walking car encyclopaedia; my husband photographs them professionally and his friend is a car tester. William had been given a Lego technics set for his birthday, a bit hard for him so the others were helping and discussing how engines work. My daughter sat reading, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, my favourite book, and stopped to discuss and explain what was happening.

We were all intent on our projects- enjoying them and enjoying each others’ company. It was calm, warm and relaxed- a feel good moment. It was one of those moments when I feel very grateful for my lot in life.

Changing the subject back to knitting, my socks are coming on now. Good news!!! I had another attempt to get the hang of the needles- lots of mistakes so I decided to start again. But this time, with more confidence. The stitches are looking neat – no ladders. Thanks for the useful tips…


Getting the hang of this now...
Getting the hang of this now…

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