Stuck starting socks….

Arghhhh! My first attempt at using double pointed needles has ended in nothing. A whole evening with absolutely no progress made. No pictures at all for this blog post!

The blogs I have read have made sock making sound fun. Double pointed needles seemed like no problem. However when I went on to the “how to” blogs, I got a bit nervous – people were referring to the “dreaded double pointed needles”. This was a bit off putting but nonetheless, the wool had needles had arrived so I was going to get stuck in.

The first you tube tutorial I watched was about long tail casting on on one needle. Previously, I had used two needles so this was the first hurdle. I thought I’d understood and got it so my fifty stitches were quickly cast on. Then I started on the knitting with double pointed needles tutorial and it started to go pear shaped.. The stitches wouldn’t transfer very well and they kept unravelling.

Eventually, I realised my yarn and tail were in the wrong places – apart and not together so my casting on was wrong. Another tutorial and I was back in business. The stitches went onto the needles fairly easily and I just managed to knit a round.

Next problem, I got in muddle with matching up my rib stitches and needed to go back, during which I lost stitches. Generally, my needles felt unco-ordinated and my fingers were clumsy. The yarns between each needle were starting to lengthen so I knew the result would not be good. So I unravelled my knitting again and I’m back to the beginning, feeling a bit frustrated.

I am determined to do this. I know the logical thing would be to find a class and learn there but that is tricky. I work full time and long hours; the weekend is my time to be with family, and catch up on housework so it’s difficult to schedule. I will have to look up hints and tips to work out what to do.

I’d really appreciate any hints and tips….



2 thoughts on “Stuck starting socks….

  1. On every round move the stitches round by one stitch on the needles, it stops you getting ladders / baggy stitches between the needles, hope that makes sense? Hand knit socks are the best so its theyre def worth the effort!

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