Christmas 2014

Mostly, the weather has been clear this Christmas. Bright blue skies and sunny days. Just what’s needed to cheer me up before returning to school and days of leaving and returning to the house in the dark.

The holiday has been one of the best! After a few days away visiting grandparents and family, we were back home. Lots of time with the children to chat and play. They’ve had cameras this Christmas so lots of time spent editing mini- videos and watching dodgy wonky filming. Plenty of time for bike rides, walks and homely time to just be together. Evenings spent knitting and watching TV – I’ve been knitting, they’ve been watching TV or playing on iPads – let’s be honest and not get too romantic.

Making a digital clock with liquid
Making a digital clock with liquid

We’ve had a day out to London, “Too much walking,” said my son, ice skating and a bit of decorating – catching up with a few household chores.

Photographing a beautiful mosaic in London

The pace of life has been leisurely and I’ve loved it. We’ve also done baking – including making a Christmas cake on 2nd Jan for my husband to take on his travels at the end of the month.

Just before going into the oven

My knitting has been coming on a treat. I’ve got better at holding the yarn, so I’m getting quicker and more fluent (if you can say that about knitting). My fair isle attempt looks even and I’m looking forward to seeing the front panel after it’s been blocked. Blocking will be a new venture for me as well.

Pleased to see the pattern is working
Pleased to see the pattern is working

I’ve enjoyed using the colour charts and creating the pattern. Having to concentrate on the detail has kept me interested and made the knitting pass quickly. Of course, I’m looking forward to making the back now – it’s got easy stripes which should grow quickly. I’m feeling very proud of my progress.

Nearly finished- one more row of dolls to go
Nearly finished- one more row of dolls to go

I feel at bit sad at the thought of the return to work on Monday. I love my job but it’s hectic. I will miss the gentle pace and unscheduled time that has dominated this holiday.


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