Getting Up To Speed

I’m a slow knitter and this is a bit frustrating. I’m hoping that with practice, I will get faster.

Since the summer, I’ve been gradually getting a bit quicker and trying to learn a few new skills.

My first project was a crochet one – I thought I might get into crochet but I’ve found that there aren’t so many patterns so I’ve gone back to knitting since. I made a snood to start. Nice big thick chunky wool so the project grew quickly.. And it was finished in a few hours. So far so good! Here it is:

Made with Sirdar big wool
Made with Sirdar big wool

Next, I tried some minion hats at the request of my children who are minion mad. I found the pattern fairly easily and it was a huge hit. I’ve never done colour work before and to be honest, I didn’t have a clue. My first attempt turned into a holey mess and I had to start again after the “finished” hat disintegrated. From these I learnt to weave the wool at the back.

The pattern came from knit guru – here’s the link:

The kids loved the hats…

Minion hats
Minion hats

Feeling  buoyed up, it was time for a first attempt at a jumper, actually a tank top – no arms so quicker to knit. I’d failed as a teenager to finish the one jumper I started, so I wasn’t sure if it would be an overgrown sack or whether I would have the knitting stamina to finish. It wasn’t too bad in the end. The project was finished but I’m not sure that I actually like the jumper though. Not hugely flattering…image

Last but not least, a really simple one. My son wanted me to knit a teddy for him. I couldn’t make a teddy for him and not for his sister…  I found a classic pattern – again online…

In the end, I sent them to Santa who put them at the top of their Christmas stockings.. Cute!


All in all, I think I’m hooked now.


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